Sunday, March 31, 2013

Petal Shower

March 31

My pear tree let loose a shower of petals today. We looked out the window this afternoon and saw the air full of soft white dots. We ran out and lifted our arms in the breeze. The petals swirled and danced, finally settling on the ground like wedding confetti. I felt like we should put on music and march down our stone path so beautifully adorned.

I love these blossoms and while we are dancing in their midst I feel a pang. Bright green leaves are sprouting high above and I know soon the petals will all be gone. Our tree will move on in the cycle. I know the blossoms will be back next year, they aren't even gone this year, but I miss them. I want to hold on. I want to be able to look out my window every morning and see branches of fluffy white dancing there.

Letting go is hard. I've had lots of practice and it is still hard. My consolation is to dance in the petal shower today. To hold my little one in my arms and twirl her around. Her head leans back and she gazes up at the sky. "Make me fly Mama!" she says. I'm trying little one. I'm trying.

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