Monday, March 25, 2013

Dino Bones

March 25

It snowed at bit today! Yes, flakes floating through the air. We ran outside after dinner to see and two tiny flakes drifted onto our bench for a few moments. "That's a snowflake!" shouted my little one. She was dressed in her biggest pink dress, a purple parka, and matching owl hat and gloves. After watching the snowflakes she hopped on her tricycle and peddled around the driveway. I have to say this outfit may be one of my favorites she has ever put together.

Earlier in the day we spent some time on a cold play structure at the Y. The sun was bright but the wind keep our visit brief. We found these Dino bones under one of the slides and spent quite a while analyzing each skeleton. We moved on to playing restaurant taking turns being chef'/server and customer. Wood chips serving as both food and money.

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