Friday, March 8, 2013

A Nice Place to Sit

March 8

My beautiful purple flowers, Crocus, to be precise are just as beautiful today. I moved our new sitting arrangement in between the two bunches. See them tucked on the ground left and right of the bench? After watching me watch the flowers for two days in a row my first grader got down low today to admire them. "Take a picture!" she encouraged.

So the bench is our new home base in the driveway. I finally decided that since we spend so much time out there we should have a nice place to sit. So far it has been good for putting on and taking off skates, good for reading Green Eggs and Ham, and good for having an after school snack. I'm thinking of getting cushions. Then the cat will take up residence and leave hair everywhere and it will rain and the cushions will never quite dry. I'm going to try anyway. Maybe stripes.

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