Monday, March 25, 2013

Pink Ball

March 24

The whole family is out in the backyard for a nice long time today. We kick the ball, swing, slide and chase. It feels so good to be together and to be outside.
I notice that the natural drainage path along our back fence is blocked. We get rakes and a hoe and begin making way for the water to flow. There has been lots of rain lately and our temporary brook has started to form a little lake. As soon as the way is cleared the water rushes along the fence following the gentle grade. My girls watch and help. They talk about making a beaver dam and letting the water pool in the yard. They imagine fish and other critters coming to live. Soon the water is just a trickle and our little lake is gone. They splash in the mud along the fence and I think for the hundredth time how happy I am that their sneakers are machine washable.

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