Sunday, March 3, 2013

Living Room Fort

March 2

Well after two months straight of being outside everyday we didn't make it today. Sometimes you just know something isn't right for your kids and today was not the day to go out in the very cold, very windy world. I have a husband and one child fighting colds and the other child and I are over tired. Today was the day for building a fort in the living room and for taking a long afternoon nap.

The fort came together quickly after pushing some furniture around and finding the extra sheets. Blankets and extra pillows on the ground made it especially comfy. We made a sliding door from the lid of a large plastic bin. We snuggled inside the fort reading and giggling. This is what we needed today. I looked out at the cold windy terrain and couldn't gather the strength to drag my little one outside. I didn't want her to come down with what her sister has and the fort was looking pretty inviting.

My husband cooked up a wonderful lunch and we sat at the table joking and telling stories for much longer than usual. After we cleared the table we headed for a long luxurious nap. The wind was howling outside and we burrowed deep under the covers.

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