Monday, March 25, 2013

Scoot scoot scooting

March 23

It is wet. Not raining but the ground is wet and everything feels drippy. The morning brought showers that drenched us as we made our way to this activity and that. By afternoon we were home and ready to play outside. The scooters came out and both girls decided to sit and pull themselves along by their heels with arms stretched up as though on a chopper

This funny looking arrangement was actually great fun and had much less of a chance of inducing a fall. I became the engine for my little one and we wheeled our way around the driveway in an ever tighter curve. My first grader on the other hand discovered that with this system she could coast down the short incline of our drive way and stop herself quite quickly with her feet when she reached the hedge. The bottoms of my little ones pants drug along the pavement and I could see the moisture moving towards her knees. Around and around we went scoot scoot scooting to our hearts content.

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