Friday, March 8, 2013

Little Beauty

March 7

I am now rather obsessed by this flower! Same as yesterday but look, it is open today! This little beauty has been hiding in plain sight every Spring next to my garage. How many years have I passed by only glancing to see that there was a splash of purple down there?

Isn't this the message we hear so often: appreciate the small joys in life? The moment I spent studying this open blossom has fed my soul for hours and hours after.

We hit the park after preschool today and spent an hour climbing and sliding. My little one rarely naps these days and I have to say I love the freedom to be out in the world in the early afternoon. When we got home we decided to set up a table and chairs in the driveway for snack. When my first grader got off the bus she found a little table set with her snack. We've decided to leave a little sitting area out there. A nice rest spot during our now daily skating time.

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