Saturday, March 16, 2013

Unexpected Art

March 14

We head to the park after school. It is so beautiful out, we just revel in the air, the sun, the freedom to be outside without a coat. We visit a playground new to us and I spot a beautiful nest of concentric circles acting as the roof of the big kid play structure. The metal is punched with a leaf pattern and as I start to look I see how the light plays with the shapes. In the sun the pattern is bright and the sky is rich blue. In the shade the metal looks black and the sky is pale. The light is acting as part of the design. I crawl down under the structure and look up through the curved ladder at the circular roof. Did the designer of this structure ever get down here and look? I hope so because this is fun. My girls see me in this funny position and join me for a moment. They do not seem to be as impressed with it all as I am and quickly get back to their game of tag. I stay a bit longer looking up at the sky through the metal leaves. Thanks for a little unexpected art.

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