Saturday, March 9, 2013

Can I get a minute please

March 9

I've upgraded my new outdoor sitting spot. Not stripes, but very comfy and free! I found these cushions in the basement. It is Saturday and my husband is home. I have a push me pull me feel wanting to be with him and our girls, together at last, and, I just want a minute to myself, please.

So I sit on my new cushy bench with a snugly blanket and read a book, a real book. Just me the birds and the sound of cars passing. I hear people walking by but don't look up. I'm too jealous of my little bit of time with a book. My sitting spot is far enough from the street I don't feel like I'm in mandatory waving distance.

It feels good to be out here alone, taking a moment to myself. I know soon enough they will find me and I will welcome their company. But for now I savor these minutes under the spring sky.

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