Sunday, March 31, 2013

Flower Potion

March 30

Today was an outside day. Egg hunt in the morning, pizza at the outside seating of our favorite restaurant and then a long slow afternoon on the deck.

While my husband napped upstairs my girls got the hose out and started to make Flower Potion. I donated the almost wilted flowers from my vase in the kitchen and they mixed and stirred at their water table. They had a whisk, a wooden spoon and a ladle between them and every few minutes one would call "trade!" I watched them exchange again and again.  How do these gentle rituals begin? How am I so fortunate to have two girls so willing to nurture and support each other. Yes, the older one gets frustrated by the little one following, copying, wanting attention. And the little one gets her feelings hurt. But they run for the Hello Kitty ice pack when there is a bump or bruise. When there are tears I see distress in the other's eyes.

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