Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rock tag

March 19

We visit the park with the artistic metal work again today. This park is not new but it is new to us. There is a Clifford ride on toy so we are beginning to refer to this place as the Clifford park. Possibly my favorite feature is the collection of large granite rocks placed around the perimeter of the play area. Not rock like structures made of plastic but real rocks. They sparkle in the sun each with subtle differences. They are just high enough that my little one needs a little help to take a big step up and onto the top. They are fairly flat and easy to walk across. Someone thought about these rocks. They are far enough apart that they don't invite jumping from one to the next but close enough to feel connected. We have a slow game of chase along the chain of rocks. Up, step step, hop down, run. Up, step step, hop down, run. I stop to look at the stripes in one rock and the perfect foot sized  indentation. My girls carry on and make the circuit complete. Around and around until they are out of breath. We settle on the stripped rock, my little one fitting perfectly on the little ledge. Looking up we spot the daytime moon hovering above.

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