Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Same Thought, New Day

March 6

After a night of high winds and pelting rain we woke up to a little bit of snow dusting the rooftops! After a day inside I did not want to go out into the cold and wind this afternoon. But I realized I had not been out of my house for almost 24 hours! Cabin fever was a good motivator.

So on went the coats and we moved the roller skating party outside to the driveway. And here is the thought: It is beautiful out here!!! As soon as I was out the door I realized that what looked cold and gloomy was brisk and beautiful. The sun peeked through the swirling clouds and it wasn't that cold. Getting over my inertia and taking the few steps out the door has been the hardest part of this project for me. And every single time I am outside I enjoy it. Why is this still a surprise? Not sure, but after two months it is. Maybe after a year it will sink in.

My girls are thrilled to be skating on the gentle grade of the driveway. I hold onto my little one and push her around after her sister. After a fall she decides running in tennis shoes is more fun. I am relieved.

We notice newly sprouted purple flowers that have appeared. These little jewel like beauties were not here two days ago. I marvel that they pushed them selves up during the rain and wind and cold.

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