Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday ride

March 17

 This is my view on our bike ride today. My husband happily puffing along and my first grader peddling with ever greater skill. My little one is comfy in her seat behind me. "Go Mamma, go!" she chants as we get to the first big hill. "Don't stop, don't stop!" she adds. We make it to the top and turn towards the elementary school. I begin to think again about riding our bikes to school maybe one day a week. It is really so close. Everything in this neighborhood can be reached in 15 minutes by bike. So why do I drive everywhere again? Hmm, this nice weather is going to make me really think about this car thing. Maybe like Meatless Mondays I'll try "No Car Thursdays." I wish that phrase rolled off the tongue better. As we cross a little creek on a blue metal bridge my little one asks, "why is the bridge blue?" We would never have this conversation whooshing by in the car.

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