Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh Dear!

March 5

There is a wind advisory today and they are not kidding! It feels like the house is going to blow away. Should we be getting ready to fly off to the land of OZ? I do my best to keep my girls distracted and calm, but I'm a little worried about the rain I see flying sideways outside. Then sun and strange warm wind and lots of it. I don't think we are going outside in this.

The trees writhe wildly outside and I decide it is time for some music and indoor skating. We turn the living room into a rink and away we roll. My job is to push my little one around and around as she chases her big sister. This is quite a taxing task I must say, but hysterically funny at the same time. Her little legs are pointed straight out in front of us and I hold her under the arms. I "run" to the best of my ability and I'm never quite sure how we navigate turns. My accomplished skater laps us and reminds us we are supposed to be chasing her. We stop for a rest break and set up an obstacle course. I leave my little one sitting by the fish tank while I check on dinner. When I turn around, she is skating! Slowly carefully, she is making her way across the room. Please don't fall, please don't fall I think. She makes it to the couch. Ah, success! Dinner is ready and they roll to the table. Outside the wind is blowing but we don't care. We've got more skating to do.

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