Sunday, March 3, 2013

Ice Crushing

March 3

This morning we saw snow flakes floating outside our windows. This was all we needed to get on hats, coats, gloves, and boots and get outside. As much as they tried, my daughters couldn't seem to catch any flakes on their outstretched tongues. The flakes were small and floated by quickly in the wind. But they were there! Snow! Finally. It used to snow once or twice a year in our parts. But last year nothing. Our sleds and snow shovel sit gathering dust in the garage. I keep thinking I should get rock salt for the driveway, but I worry then it will never snow. I bought the sleds after the last really big snow we had.

This morning we take butter knives to the ice in the water table. There is a nice thick sheet and the knives push through the ice with a satisfying crunch. Soon the ice is fractured and splintered. Some falls to the deck and the stomping begins. There is something so satisfying about crunching ice.

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