Monday, October 14, 2013

Hello Sky

October 14

This is the view from my new hammock. I have wanted a hammock for longer than I can remember. But I hesitated imagining my little ones falling out of the tippy fabric. Then I discovered the hammock mountaineers use to sleep in suspended high above the ground. A deep pouch of sturdy nylon! It mounts with straps and can be moved at a moments notice. This is the hammock of my dreams! 

It is evening and we just finished dinner. I sneak out to the deck and climb in. I gently rock while watching the sky. The crickets are out and I hear geese honking as they head south. I'm sure I will need to head inside for baths and bedtime routines in a bit. But right now I am on a mini vacation saying hello to the sky. 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

While off the grid

October 10 

While on vacation from my technology we have had many outdoor adventures and moments of wonder. I had to set down my smart phone for a while and just be outside with my family.  I missed looking closely at nature and capturing the details of our beautiful surroundings in photos but I also loved being unteathered and free from the digital world. 

My commitment  to being oustide everyday continues. But I am now giving myself permission to unplug. I will document as I can and continue to take photos when inspired.