Monday, July 22, 2013

Full moon rising

July 22 (PM)

We saw the full moon rise out of the ocean tonight! Awe inspiring, magnificent, beautiful. We stood in the warm waves feeling the sand gently pulling at our feet. We held hands and I said, "see if you can remember this moment for your whole lives" 

Palms overhead

July 22

Looking up this morning while visiting the ducks I see the palms above me. I wish I had a hammock, I'd plant it right here. 

Dune flower

July 21

Today I find this little beauty hiding in the dunes. Smaller than a quarter, nestled down close to the sand. 

High tide

July 20

The tide is as high as we've seen it tonight. The moon is on its way to being full and the turtles are getting ready to hatch. 

Quack x 12

July 19

Welcome to the new ducks! Twelve young quackers have made a home near the small pond nearby. We have begun making daily visits to share snacks with our new waddling friends. 

Palm flowers

July 18

This amazing stalk of white flowers is growing out of a palm plant! Who knew those unassuming palms produced these beautiful creamy bells. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Flower by the lagoon

July 17

On an afternoon walk by the lagoon we found this flower. Just bigger than a silver dollar it sat swaying in the breeze on a slender green stem. The sun was just low enough to shine in under the overhanging palms and kiss this little guy. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Afternoon pool time

July 16

After a nice afternoon nap we visit the shady, refreshing pool. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pink clouds

July 15

The setting sun lights the clouds as if from within. 

Pelicans in the sunset

July 14

One of the most magical nights on the beach. Sun setting behind us, tide pools slowly filling in as the tide rises, and pelicans gliding by. 

Marsh at low tide

July 13

The tide is out and the marsh grass is glowing in the evening sun. The clouds look painted. 


July 8

We head to the beach this evening and send up out new kite. It hovers above is in the breeze as the sun sets and the tide slowly moves in. 

Rain rain rain

July 12

It pours all day. We sneak out for a bike ride during a break and ride between the drops as they begin to come down again. 

Crab fishing

July 11

We head out on the water to go crab fishing. Good news about this adventure: we catch lots if crabs, none are big enough to keep, everyone is happy (including the crabs). 


July 10

We visit the mermaid fountain and stroll through the shops today. 

My view

July 9

Friends are visiting this week and I have a rare moment to sit under the beach umbrella alone and just gaze out at the water. 

Sand castle

July 7

Today is a sand castle day, complete with garage and drawbridge. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Stretch the heron

July 6

This is Stretch the 15 year old heron we met today. He hangs around the crab boat we went out on and waits for gifts of extra bait. Evidently in his case age has brought wisdom as he has found a very efficient way to get his daily meals. 

Summer feet

July 5

This photo sums up what I love about summer. Bare feet. Outside. Plenty of time to play. 

On the grill

July 4

Happy 4th of July!

"Let's eat outside!" suggests my almost 7 year old. We set the picnic table and enjoy a feast. There is a little breeze and the day has cooled after the rain shower earlier. Our wind chime tinkles and I count my blessings. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


July 3

This morning a the pond near us my new favorite bird the Ahinga was sunning himself on this very handy sign. It says, "Alligators may live here." 

I'm sure he doesn't need a sign to remember. 

Turtle tracks

July 2


On an early morning walk we see the tracks of a mama turtle. She must have come in on the high tide durning the night and deposited her precious eggs in a nice deep nest in the dunes. 

Good luck little guys, happy trails mama turtle. 

Beach flower

July 1

As we are coming off the beach from our morning walk I see this flower nestled in the dunes. I do not notice the delicate dew drops until I am right up close. I am grateful to have paused. 

We are half way through the year of going outside everyday. It has changed the way I think of our days. And it has given me permission to stop and notice. 

Tide pools

June 30

My little one comes to the beach with me this morning. We stroll and stop to look at shells and crabs. She dances from one tide pool to another. 


June 29

I get up with the sun this morning and head to the beach. The sun bursts through the clouds reflecting on the water below. This is a magical time at the beach. I grew up watching the sun set into the ocean. Now I am on the opposite coast with a different ocean. Warmer, gentler and home of the rising sun. 


June 28

Today we go fishing in the lagoon. It begins to sprinkle and we move under a little bridge. There, standing tall and still is a magnificent blue heron. He seems to be fishing too, or possibly waiting for us to fish so that he can share our catch. 

More outside than in

June 27

We spend more of our days outside than in. We walk and bike, only taking the car to the supermarket. After dinner we head outside and play until dark. We rest in the afternoons. 


June 26

Today we play in the waves. Summer friends cluster around the sand toys covering legs with sand from the tide pool. My little one holds tight to the boogie board as I pull her through the few inches of water where the waves meet the sand. 

The older kids go out deeper to body surf. Parents help them get in position to ride the gentle waves onto shore.