Monday, March 11, 2013

Umbrella Play

March 11

Today it clouds up and begins to pour. In the car this afternoon we have a spirited discussion about the how much rain is indicated by the term "shower." I contend that the order is something like: drizzle, shower, pour. My first grader insists that a "shower" is a lot of rain and goes on the higher end of the scale. After listening to her reasoning, I think I've changed my position. Either way we got wet today. In and out of the car on our various adventures, finally home and yes, I left the garage door open.

"I'm playing in the rain!" announced my first grader. "Me too!" pipped in her sister. Out we went to the driveway umbrella's in hand. As I moseyed to the mailbox enjoying the shower, the umbrellas became shields and the game became something about superheroes. I watched with not a small amount of concern as they banged their umbrella's into each other, top to top. "Until someone looses an eye," I heard in my head. But the spiky parts appeared far from eyes so I watched for a bit before joining the fun. Soon, I, umbrella-less, was chasing them and they were defending themselves with their shields pointed toward me. Much better, I thought, staying back a couple of steps.

When Daddy pulled up we were running in a large circle shrieking and laughing. He gave me the bemused "better you than me" look and headed inside to change. After a few minutes he returned wearing sweats and cheered us on from inside the dry garage.

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