Saturday, March 16, 2013

Double Feature

March 16

First of all let me just say WOW! I had no idea these would be bright yellow inside the creamy white outer petals. These burst open today right next to the other daffodil bud I'm waiting on. We all knelt down to flower height and took a moment to really look. We seem to be building our own Spring ritual of flower watching.

The day was warm and breezy. Sun soaked the house and we had every possible door and window wide open. We played every game we could think of in the back yard until we were sweaty and exhausted.

Later we headed down to water our newly planted potatoes. I know from grandpa we are supposed to water every other day but I couldn't resist my little one's enthusiasm. She gave them a good good soaking. I hope we have adequate drainage. Last week we set up a potato growing experiment in the kitchen. Three potatoes submerged half way in water. One in natural light, one in a box with a light bulb and one in a dark box. After a week which potato has the most roots . . . drum roll please . . . the one in the dark! Now I am imagining our potatoes sending out white root tendrils, getting their bearings and surging to life. We have several estimates for how long until we see the first green sprout. The teacher in me is thrilled that my children are doing so much science. The mother in me loves that they are learning to notice and appreciate warm breezy days and flowers.

After dinner we head to the driveway. The cozy bench becomes a snuggle spot for my little one. "Pretend I'm a baby snake and you are my Mommy," she says. She lays on her back with her head in my lap. Her eyes gaze at the evening sky. She narrates the scene: moon, airplane, birds. I look at her soft cheeks and smooth her hair again and again.

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