Friday, March 1, 2013

Bean Bags

March 1

Today I relied on a new toy to get us outside. It is great to open the door and see a package waiting just for us. Today we got rainbow bean bags. Yes, I've been meaning to make bean bags, yes we have lots of things we could use to throw already in the house, but new is fun. And these are really bright and feel good in the hand. We each line up our own set of bags in rainbow order and start throwing them one by one at . . . yes, the empty box they came in. As we all know the box can be as much fun as the toy inside. We set the box on the front steps and my little one has great success tossing in her bean bags. I stand back about eight feet to give myself a little challenge. We call out the colors before we throw them and she is very excited to get to purple before me.

We stop to get the mail and run a bit. The wind has picked up and overcast day is turning bitter. Our noses turn red but we keep setting up our bean bags and tossing them in the box. I'm hoping we will last until my first grader gets off the bus but we finally give in to the cold and head inside. Oh, it feels so cozy now. I've been chilly in the house all day but this little outing has completely change my perspective. I put on my new fuzzy slippers (yes, they came in the same box). Ahhhh!

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