Thursday, February 28, 2013

Skating on the rainbow

February 27

We found the roller skates! Yes, they have been lost in the house for months. I remember carefully putting them away. Well, turns out I was too careful. My mother used to do this. She would get books she wanted to give for Christmas, put them on the shelf, and we'd discover them years later. It turned into kind of a game. But the roller skates have been sorely missed.

My older daughter as the informal title of "good finder" in our household. She found my camera under a dresser last month (I'd been missing it for over a year) and she knows that the third plastic window for her Lincoln Logs is on the floor in the basement. The skates did prove a challenge, she has been hunting now for quite a while. But finally today, they appeared: behind the grass seed in the basement. Thank heavens.

"See," she said triumphantly, "Grandma is right 'The house hides, but it doesn't steal.' "
And now we can get out in the driveway and skate, skate, skate.

My little one and I made a mural while we were waiting for the bus: our faces under a rainbow. She was very particular that I label us with our names and that I get the hair and eye colors right. She loves when I talk about how she has my hair and her daddy's eyes.  "Who's mouth do I have? Who's ears do I have?" she asks. We play this game, going over her part by part. "Oh, yes you have Daddy's knee, I can see!"

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