Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Exploring in the dark

February 5

"Mom, lets take the flashilights out and explore in the dark," says my first grader. Yes, let's do, I think. We find the one functioning flashlight, a new lamp type I got reciently after spending a day waiting to be told to go hide in the basement by the TV weather report.

I insist on shoes since it is dark, and on the cold side. They didn't get sick the other night from dancing barefoot in the rain, but I'm still not 100% and I'm not ready for a little foot cut by a stick in the dark. We hit the driveway for a bit but the flood lights are on and the flashlight isn't really needed. I can tell they want to play in the dark. I start to feel silly but then remember that if it were summer we'd have two more hours of daylight and everyone would be out. It's not really that late, it just feels late.

Down we go to the back yard and the exploring begins. We look at grass, and trees. We shine the light into the sky and wonder where it goes. After a time they jump on the swings, the light goes off and they just swoosh through the dark night air. We can see lights on in all of our neighbors houses, each a little world of its own. "Where are the stars?" asks my six year old. Good question I think looking up at the too bright sky. We have a major city nearby and there is so much light we rairly see more than a few stars. Tonight there are also clouds which are lit up from below and kind of glow. I think that we need to go camping. Somewhere with really dark skys and lots and lots of stars. We may have to find cabins, since I'm not sure (OK I'm sure) my husband would not be interested in a tent. City Boy through and through.

The swings stop and my girls do some sliding and climbing. They are so free out here. They play together effortlessly. The complaining, and bickering that comes with sisterhood seems to fall away when we are outside. Maybe tomorrow we will get out here before the sun goes down.

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  1. This is great. I love taking my kids outside at night with flashlights. I too am getting outside everyday. In fact, I challenged myself to get outside everyday for 30 min. in 2012 and am continuing the journey in 2013.

    I'll keep reading! My blog is www.everydayoutside.com

    Nice to find others doing the same thing!