Friday, February 15, 2013


February 13

Tomorrow is a big day, yes, it is Valentine's Day and this year both of my girls will be engaging in the time honored exchange of cards at school. My husband is a little bewildered by the tradition but has become used to the American way of making almost everything into a party. He grew up in Italy and in spite of your glowing stereotypes of beauty and great food, which are mostly true, Italians are quite minimalist in many ways compared to Americans. Christmas is not all about the gifts, at Easter kids get one (really good) chocolate egg and Valentine's Day is pretty much just another saint's day.

But we are anticipating something else, vacation!! Just an extra long weekend, but still a chance to get out of town. We will be heading to the beach tomorrow, yippee! So today our outdoor driveway play is dedicated to pretend surfing, pretend swimming, lots of pretend sea life and of course plenty of chasing.

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