Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter Birds

February 12

I need a nap. It is raining, cloudy and I just feel sleepy today. My girls are home from school and we spend some nice snuggle time on the couch watching George get into trouble. Thank goodness they have become accustomed to going outside because today they get off the couch and pull me out the front door. They try the mud with bare feet for about 45 seconds. Then it is back inside to rinse feet and put on fuzzy boots.

We head out again and while they decide who is the wolf and who is the cheetah, I get the mail. I have to admit that I used to get my mail without getting out of my car. I'd pull up, roll down my window, grab the mail and then drive on into my driveway, into my garage and therefore take away another reason to get outside. It became such a habit that I've had to really make myself not stop at the mailbox as we arrive home. No, I think, we will be out here in a bit, I can get the mail then. Interesting, how strong the habits become. And now they have the habit of afternoon play outside. Hallelujah!

While they chase and bike and discuss animals I notice a group of birds sitting in a nearby tree. At least ten of them perched there just waiting. I think how this image of a flock of winter birds will stay with me for the rest of the evening. While I make dinner, give baths, read stories, and sing lullabies I know that I will think back on these birds and smile. It feels like a special moment to see them gathered like this. I have never seen so many all in one tree like this. Maybe it is a common occurrence, but I have just begun to notice.

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