Friday, February 22, 2013

Ah, parenthood

February 21

Today was one of those days that only a parent really understands. My little one spent the night crying on and off while holding her ear. We headed to the pediatrician as soon as they opened and yep, ear infection. Poor baby. She seemed to perk up a bit after the lollipop and so I decided to just make one stop on the way home. . . you know what's coming.

We stepped into the lunch place and I glanced down. There was the cough/hiccup that means imminent disaster. I scooped her up and backed out of the restaurant. Poor diners, didn't really need explosive vomiting near their lovely lunches. We made it to the sidewalk and my poor darling lost her cookies, well lollipop, well everything, mostly on me and some on the street.

So our outside time today? Half naked in the parking lot, wondering if it is safe to get in the car. Where's that change of clothes? Oh, yes, here it is for her, but who carries a head to toe change for themselves. . .

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