Monday, February 25, 2013


February 25

This is a dollar store magic wand but it might as well be Merlin's own because when my daughter wields it magic is afoot. She is three and magical thinking comes naturally to her. She slips from one persona to another throughout the day. Her desired hairstyle is usually the key to remembering who she is at any given moment. Pigtails for Pippi, loose for Ariel, braid for Cinderella and the list goes on. 

Today as we play on the swings she "poofs" me with her wand. Over and over, "Poof you are a frog!" I act accordingly, "Poof you are a tiger!" I growl. "Poof you are a mermaid!" and finally "Poof you are a Mommy." She always brings me back with a satisfied smile. Home base. Mommy is Mommy again. I think about all the characters we adults inhabit during our days. This is pretty good training for being out in the world little one. I'm happy to play along.

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