Sunday, February 3, 2013


February 3

I have a love hate relationship with our TV. I was not allowed any as a kid so naturally that is all I wanted to do as soon as I had a chance. I really really want to live with moderation as our guiding principle about things like TV, junk food, and new toys. But . . . it kind of sneaks up on us. With me sick yesterday the screens were on, the kids plugged in, and other than their time playing with ice on the deck, they pretty much watched all day. Today I declare at TV free day. No screens, please don't ask, today we play or get bored, or read, or build a fort out of blankets.

The brigh sunshine calls to us through the windows and we head to the deck. There is a brisk breeze but the sun feels so good we zip up our jackets and start making suds soup. A few drops of bio-degradable dish soap and an old fashoned egg beater and we have mountains of suds. Suds, to scoop, suds to flick into the wind, suds to mould and mix. After a time shoes come off and my girls perch on chairs on either side of the water table with their feet in the sudsy water. They look like ladies waiting for a pedicure. I imagine them fifteen years from now, young women embarked on lives of their own. I think of the impermance of childhood and remember to soak in each day.

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