Monday, February 4, 2013

Biking in the dark

February 4

Ok don't think I'm crazy. Yes, it was dark, but the flood lights were on and we were in the driveway. How did this happen? My girls want to play outside, all the time. It's working!! After a month of daily trips out the front door, the back door and the garage door, they finally think to move out of the house and into our outdoor space. We have never used our driveway this much. Ever.

Tonight we come home after a dinner out and darkness has just fallen. "Mom can we pay in the driveway pleeeeeeeeese," pleads my first grader. My little one got a nice hour at the park today but my six year old has been inside all day long (unless you count that 20 minute recess at school). So I run in and turn on the flood lights, stretch the orange saftey netting acrross the end of the driveway and try to get my little on to even consider putting on a coat. My six year old gets on her bike and starts to ride in big circles her little sister running at full speed after her. Maybe she won't need that coat after all. This goes on for minute after minute. Aren't they getting tired, I think. They stop, tell me I'm the Kissing Monster and should chase them with kisses and then begin the circuit again. There is a slow motion fall as my daughter tries to reverse direction. But that's it, they just keep riding and running.

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