Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Wheelbarrow Pirates

February 18

We are home and have one last day together. My husband and our girls head to the back yard. They begin with the running, climbing, and swinging as usual but then things get interesting. My girls have long been enamoured with the pirate persona and love to attack their daddy with tickles, kisses and occasionally a Nerf sword.

Today he puts our little one in the wheelbarrow and they are instantly pirates sailing the high seas as they bump across the grass. They fire the soccer ball at the other pirate who laughs so hard at being chased in this way that she can hardly breath. "Fire in the hole!" they shout and toss the ball aloft. "Missed me, missed me!" comes the reply. The glee is contagious and we are all in hysterics by the end of the game.

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