Monday, February 11, 2013

Biking with Daddy

February 10

My husband has the brilliant idea to go for a run and have our older daughter tag along on her bike. I'm not up for a bike ride today. Little one and I head to the swings. We go through our usual silliness on the swings while we wait for the running/biking team to return. We have a family plan to eventually bike to school in the mornings. Today's run/ride is a training run. Our house is three miles from school. Sidewalks all the way. Down side, a couple of long long hills and one steep one right at the end. Just past the school is a beautiful park with a newly remodeled playground. I'd like to bike there on occasion too. But today there is no pressure. No required destination. Today they are out for fun, if they happen to make it over to the school, great. If not, it is all an adventure.

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