Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ice Box

February 2

I can not overstate how much I appreciate parenting as part of a team, a partnership and loving couple. I certainly spend quite enough time on my own while my husband is at the office or traveling but I know he is there. I know I have backup. And days like today he is my hero.

I realize that I'm not getting better. My head feels like it has rocks in it and my chest is rumbling with every cough. I know I will now be eligible for the antibiotics prize if I head to the doc. While I am gone my husband takes our girls out to investigate the ice that has formed in the water table overnight. When I get back with prescription in hand they tell me all about the Ice Box they discovered.

"Daddy took out the biggest piece and it was like a box but made of ice," began my first grader almost out of breath with excitement. "Look, look we took a picture for you," she went on. "Then I got a butter knife, and smashed the pieces. It made sparkles everywhere." They took me by the hand and led me to the spot, now a damp blotch, where the ice had been an hour before. "It was a BOX!" reiterated my little one. This was clearly a very exciting discovery. I felt sorry to have missed the fun, but so glad that I could count on my husband to help them have such an adventure in my absence.

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