Friday, February 15, 2013

Spanish Moss & Hugging Palms

February 14/15

We get to the beach late, it is dark and the kids are asleep when we arrive. Truth be told our outdoor time today has been of the back and forth to the car type today. We did play a bit in front of Daddy's office while he wrapped things up. And we had a fun hopscotch game while we waited for our fast food dinner mid way to the beach.

But this morning I get up early and go for a little solo walk. Ah, this alone time is so sweet. Getting to see the golden morning light through the trees and just hearing the quiet is a special perk of vacation. Daddy is holding down the fort and I can step out for a moment and remember what it feels like to walk without holding a hand or a coat. I see the Spanish Moss glowing over my head. I walk to the lagoon and watch for birds. There are blue heron here and egrets. But they must be sleeping or busy fishing somewhere else. The water is still and there is no sign of the alligator we saw here last summer. Too cold for him to be out and about.

I love the feeling of four long days stretched out before us. All of us together, no school, no work, just rest and play and enjoy. On the way back I look up and see hugging palm trees. They look just like a mother and child embracing. Time for me to go back inside and get some hugs myself.

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