Friday, February 15, 2013

Starfish Season

February 15

What do you think, is this photo clip art or a greeting card? Neither! My husband snapped this on his run/bike with our first grader this morning. He said he thought it was starfish season, and here is proof! Amazing. Thanks for the nice decorative foam swoosh, honey.  This really needs to go in my "should be printed and framed" folder. Well I have that folder in theory, I keep meaning to set it up. . . and print the photos . . . and frame them. Someday, someday.

After brunch (I love vacation) we head to the beach. A bag of sand toys, chairs, a sparkly pink soccer ball, several changes of clothes, towels and a snack. We are traveling light today.

It is not swimsuit temperature but we don't care. It is sunny and clear with no wind. The sand extends as far as the eye can see in either direction. The tide is out so there is a wide expanse between the dunes and the tiny surf. My first grader and husband set up a soccer goal and take turns kicking and blocking. My little one grabs the oversize shovel and starts digging. "I'm going to find a crab! Want to help?" she says.

After hours of running, digging, exploring and sitting in the sun my first grader ventures into the water. She starts slow, but soon is trying cartwheels that end in a full body splash. Then she is kneeling in the water leaning back and forth as the surge gently pushes her. She reminds me of myself at six. I loved to swim in the cold ocean. I can still remember the mesmerizing feel of my feet sinking deeper and deeper into the sand with the wash of each wave. Will she remember this day? The sand and water. The sight of her family waiting with smiles, fuzzy towels and a warm sweater. I hope so.

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