Friday, February 8, 2013


February 8

It is the end of the school week. My first grader is tired. But I am determined to get outside during daylight. It was raining earlier in the day so she did not get even her 20 minute recess at school. She looks a little pale to me. We need some fresh air! Out we go to the swings in the backyard. I can tell she is really exhausted because after a few minutes she says she wants to go back in. Usually, just getting out is all that is needed for her to feel energised. I ask her to wait and we move to the garden box to dig for worms. My little one finds one and we look at the pink curling critter for a while before carefully putting him back underground.

"Look at the clouds, they keep moving and changing," says my tired girl. "I know why, it's the wind. Up there, there is more," she continues. We all stop and watch the clouds slowly swirl and shift in the sky. "What makes my hair move?" asks my little one with a twinkle in her eye. She loves to ask me questions and have me not be able to find the answer. "Um, the sun?" I ask. "Nope!" she says triumphantly. I go through a long list of possibilities, or impossibilities, rather. "Hot dogs, shoes, hamsters, lolly pops. . ." I guess. She is thrilled. Finally I pause screw up my face and slowly guess "wind?"  "YES!!!!!!" she shouts offering me a high five. "You got it!!!"

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