Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Street lamp

February 6

We seem to be on an evening theme this week. The time after school seems to fly by and suddenly we are having dinner. I look outside and it is getting dark, again! We head out to the driveway and my little one spots the first star. It is a beautiful clear evening and we stand heads tilted back watching as dark descends and a few more stars blink into view. "That's Neptune!" announces my first grader. "Or Venus, it is the brighter one." I love that she is making sense of the night sky. "Where is the South Star?" she asked the other night. I resisted the urge to build a model of the cosmos right then and there and said, "let's take a trip to the planetarium soon."

The bikes come out and we peddle around in circles. I can tell my daughters are tired tonight. There is less shrieking and they just peddle. They don't have the running narrative of imaginative play going. But the fresh air feels good. Even some tired biking is better than not coming out at all. The street lamp comes on and I am reminded of my childhood when my only after school instructions were, "be home by dark." I smile because we are just getting started as the lamps come on. And I am right here, different times.

This morning on the way to school my daughter said, "I feel like the days just flash by. Zip and the day is over." My heart hurts a bit hearing this. I wish that we could live long slow days always. But then I hear her continue, "I think it is because I am having so much fun." Ah, OK that sounds better. I exhale.

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