Friday, February 22, 2013

Bird feeder

February 20

My little one is learning about birds at preschool. Her teacher loves bird watching and has brought her passion into the classroom. They can identify many of our local winter birds and we love watching the feeder on the deck. Whenever someone spots a bird we creep close to the window to get a better view.

Today the feeder is empty and we head out with our bag of seeds and a plastic scoop. I climb up, get the feeder and put it at kid height for filling. My little one scoops and pours seeds, many going onto the deck and some into the feeder. We take our time and watch the feeder slowly fill. Yes, it would be much faster, cleaner and more efficient for me to do this task, but she is so focused and has such ownership of the feeder. "The mommy Cardinal is going to come today," she says carefully  scooping seeds. "I saw the daddy Cardinal, he's red red red. The mommy isn't so red."

I love her teacher for opening this world to her. I love that we will sit on the couch later and wait for the mommy Cardinal. Chances are she will come.

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