Friday, February 22, 2013

New Chalk

February 22

Oh this beautiful new chalk! We have a brand new 24 pack of sidewalk chalk and we are very excited. Me more or as much as my girls. Even the package is beautiful, tidy groups of four wrapped tightly. I look at the array of colors and see a nice math problem. "How many groups of four? It's multiplication!" My first grader is used to this. "Look, we can turn it this way and it's in groups of six, still 24?" She counts and agrees. I continue dividing the chalk in new ways. Two groups of 12 and then twelve groups of two. She looks at me with her "can we play now?" expression and I know I'm overstaying my "teachable moment."

We head outside to the wet cold deck. First we line up all the chalk in rainbow order talking about where white, brown, black and grey fit. Then the coloring begins. They decorate a small chair and the plastic water table. After a night of rain the colors will be all but washed away. But for now they are vibrant and beautiful. The chalk gets dropped into the water and we discover that some colors float and others sink! That's an exciting discovery. My little one helps fish them out with her magic wand. I think her ear infection is on the way out, but she has a nice snugly hat and boots anyway. We are heading in for a nice warm bath after this.

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