Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trike for Two

February 1

I did not grow up with siblings. I was a comfortable with adults, only child. So when we decided to have a second child I was a little nervous. I didn't have a road map for this, how could I parent two children when my heart was so full with my first. And how would they get along? What would I do to help them love and enjoy each other?

Fast forward three years and I can say that days like today show me what it is all about. I have realized that love is the secret ingredient. And more love is more love. More family members means more love. Yes, there are conflicts and hard days but I get to learn along the way. I have learned that the way I speak to them is the way they will speak to each other. I have learned that a heart does not have limited space or a finite capacity for love. I have learned that they are teaching each other lessons of patience, sharing, nurturing, and what "annoying" means. And I have learned that I don't have to do anything to help them love and enjoy each other.

We head outside this afternoon and my little one wants to bring her super fab, pink trike. This item arrived at Christmas and has been in use every day since. It is like an extension of her body. If there were an X Games for three year old trike riders, she would be in it. And because I know how much this trike is hers, I am extra gratified to hear her ask her sister to ride along. My older daughter steps on the back and down the driveway they go. Full speed ahead. I am standing watch waiting for a tumble or an out of control race into the street, but out goes a foot and my first grader deftly steers them around the corner onto the font walk. This is high speed, big thrill trike riding! And they are a team. A bright faced, pink nosed team. They ride and ride down the grade, around the bend and onto the front walk, over and over. All I have to do is watch, and be ready with band aids.

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