Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mr. Turtle

January 31

They didn't get sick! My daughters woke up this morning  happy and healthy still talking about dancing in the rain. I do have to admit that my already sick self is feeling like maybe I will finally be in the running  for some antibiotics. Last week I had the "it's just a virus," visit to the doc. Which in my case really means, "it's not antibiotics worthy. . . yet." I probably should have worn a coat last night.

We have a family rule, that is kind of a joke, but not really, "Mom is not allowed to get sick." And if I do get sick, I would add, I am not allowed to act sick. You know how it is for moms, we carry on.  So I really wasn't feeling like going outside today. But, but, I can't give up so easily. If I got my kids to school, volunteered in a classroom and cooked dinner I can certainly handle 15 minutes outside.

"Who wants to hide Mr. Turtle for Daddy?" I ask and my girls run for the front door. I do insist on coats and shoes this time as it is clear skied and bitter cold out. My first grader goes right back to her mud patch to investigate, thrilled to see it is still there. My little one reminds me that I am the fox and must chase them. Off they go running, stomping in mud, running. . . Oh, thank goodness we got out here I think. Yes, I feel like I have broken glass in my chest, but I felt that way inside too. It will be bedtime soon and I have noticed how smoothly it goes after some evening play out here.

We take a break from running to hide Mr. Turtle on top of a small bush. His little smiling face is just peeking out. That will be an extra challenge for Daddy.

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  1. Did he find him? LOVE your writing & I'm enjoying catching up :)