Monday, January 14, 2013

Peddle Peddle Peddle . . . family on the go

January 13

For a long time my husband and I have been trying to figure out a weekend activity that will be wonderful for all four of us. OK other than staying in our PJ's and eating pastries. What can we do that is active, outside, and FUN? I think today we figured it out. My six year old is finally steady enough on her bike to handle bumpy sidewalks, curb cuts and sudden stops and my little one loves to be on the back of my bike. My husband is one of those "I love to run, I have to run, when can I get in a run?" people. Yes, I find this behavior perplexing. But that's him. So today he sets off running and we follow him on our bikes. Ah, same speed, same distance, and yes, fun for all.

I am enjoying being out and thinking about how close everything really is to my house and how I should really try and use my bike to do my errands. My mind drifts as I imagine pulling up at the dry cleaner on my bike. OK that's too much, but I could ride to pick up my little one at preschool. She would love that. . .

My husband is puffing along, not really appearing to work hard, but definitely in the "no talking" zone he goes into when he runs. How this is fun for him I'll never know. My little one shouts, "Sky blue! The sky is SKY blue today!" She has just discovered the multiple shades of one color in her crayon box and has taken this glorious knowledge out into the world. Yes, I think, the sky is sky blue, you are amazing. Meanwhile my older daughter is busy negotiating the terrain. She no longer comes to a complete stop at any bump or imperfection in the road and I watch her ride across a slanted driveway with relief. Last summer that driveway would have been almost insurmountable. She loves to know I'm right behind her and I work hard to stay close, but not too close. I ring my bell to say hello and she reminds me she needs a bell so that she can answer me..

At the first long hill my newly minted bike rider starts to slow down, gradually reaching a pace at which balance becomes difficult.  I watch my husband slow, turn and wordlessly come and run next to her with a hand on her back, giving her just enough of a push to make it up the incline. I start to get tears in my eyes. It is these little moments that fill my heart with such love for him and his quite sweetness. He is there, a little push, just enough, and on we ride watching the sky blue sky.

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