Friday, January 25, 2013

The first flower

January 25

What a discovery today! The first crocus flower pushing up out of the cold ground! It is exactly 32 degrees outside but this little guy is ready for spring. I can not really describe how happy this little yellow bud has made me. We were playing in the front yard (yes garage door open) chasing back and forth as usual when we wondered onto the grass. I had no idea there would be a little golden flower snuggled up to the base of a tree. We almost stepped on it before realizing what we were seeing. "Grandpa's flowers!" I shouted. "They are here!" My little one crouched down and peered at the flower as if she had discovered treasure. On a day that we are expecting freezing rain I have to say this flower feels like a miracle.

A few years ago my father in law, Mr. Gardener, came for a nice long visit and decided we needed bulbs in our yard. He put in daffodils, crocus, and lilies. He carefully showed me where they were hidden along the edges of various beds and next to certain trees and bushes. Each spring it is a surprise and a reminder of his gift to us. I text him a photo and then call to let them know they have a photo to look at. They are getting pretty good with the technology but I like to help them along. I hear grandma saying, "Your flowers are up!" and a murmur of approval in the background. They live across an ocean from us and we see them not nearly enough, but today I feel like we are standing in the garden together admiring this tiny work of art.

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  1. LOVE his beautiful gift to you and your family that keeps giving! I have a daffodil that just came up and it's beautiful cheery yellow face makes me smile :)