Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The joys of a wet swing

January 14

Did I say the "other days would be a snap"? After getting outside on New Years day in the gloom of a rainy dusk I did think that thought. But you know, this is going to take some doing. Every day, yea, as in today too? Well drat, now I'm going to have to really make an effort. What's my excuse? It's cold, it's raining and we are busy. Life is busy, no matter how you slice it, there is all that stuff to do. It is Monday and I've got a list. Oh, I like my lists. Finally put it on my phone, just add and add, and check check check things off. Kind of sad how much I like my list. But there it is, stuff that's gotta get done.

It's noon and I know we are running out of time, our afternoon is packed. Do I really want to drag my exhausted children out in the cold rainy dusk today? No, that was fun that one time because it was new and  we were rested. So what's it going to be? The Park. Yep the wet, cold, slippery park. "Let's go say hi to the geese," I suggest and we turn the car towards the park. I have not yet put a stash of stale bread in the car as I've been meaning to so we really only can say hi and watch the Canadian Geese and one far away heron stand in the shallows. It's nice, but we don't last long. "Let's go play," announces my little one. I try to explain that everything is wet and slippery. She doesn't care. She climbs up on the wide low wall encircling the play area. I hold her hand standing on the ground next to her. We walk hand in hand her head even with mine. This is a new perspective for both of us and for a moment I can imagine her full grown looking straight into my eyes.

She spots the swings and hops off the wall. There is a nice little puddle in the seat of each swing. "I think they are too wet," I say wondering why I didn't think to bring a towel. "Push me, push me, push me!" What's a little water I decide and  up she goes. I move in front of her and begin to push her feet. This is apparently the funniest thing I have ever done and she begins to laugh. She giggles each time I push her and her face is luminous. I try to capture this moment in my mind. She is so full of joy and abandon. This moment makes it all worthwhile.

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