Thursday, January 10, 2013

Attitude Adjustment

January 10

My grandmother was a wise woman. I never lived near her but she always made sure that I knew she loved me. She sent letters mostly and when I saw here she would find quiet moments and share her life philosophy. "Happiness is a choice," she said to me many times. As a child I had no idea what she was talking about. As a young adult I thought she was kooky. But now I understand. It's about perspective  and how I choose to respond to all that life brings my way.

Today I found myself and my little one at the park. It was our first choice in destinations after leaving preschool. Both of us now becoming gloriously addicted to our new found daily outdoor time. When I told her we were going to the park she whooped with excitement. We headed to our local park, just minutes away. It has a wonderful playground and access to a river with ducks and Canadian Geese in residence. Why aren't we here every day, I thought. This is a little paradise. Why indeed? I guess because I needed an attitude adjustment. I needed to kick myself in the behind and get out of my rut. Thanks grandma. Happiness is a choice. And choosing to visit the park today is making us both very very happy.

We started at the river looking for fish and watching the geese splash their big wings in the water. I had never seen them doing this before and wondered if they were taking a bath on this first warmish day in weeks. They could have been having a water fight there was so much spray. I noticed the flat rocks tipping into the water near where we were sitting. They were beautiful and inviting. We will have to come and wade in the shallows as soon as it warms up I thought to myself.

Next we headed up to the playground and spent a solid hour engrossed in running, climbing, swinging, spinning, and chasing. When it was time to go, neither of us was ready. "We can come back tomorrow," I said trying to console us both.

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