Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mud is base

January 30

Today felt like New Years in a funny way. It was cold and rainy and getting dark, and we had not been outside all day. Unlike New Year's Day I did kind of have an excuse: bad weather. Not the kind a rain coat and boots can deal with, more the listen for sirens, make sure you have batteries in the flashlight kind.

Finally at dusk the storm had moved on and we were left with innocent showers. "Let's go check the mail!" I said, using yesterday's excuse knowing there would actually be mail in the box today. My little one put on her rain boots but was not interested in a coat when she saw her big sister had decided to go barefoot out into the wet evening. We turned on the flood lights and the front yard was transformed into a stage of sorts. The bright spot lights made it feel we were on display for the cars rushing home to dinner. "It's for my blog, we have to get outside every day!" I wanted to shout. Oh well, I gave up worrying about what my neighbors think years ago.

My barefoot ballerina twirls in the rain tipping her head back to feel the drops on her face and catch some on her tongue. All three of us stand for a moment holding hands faces turned to the sky. I have this flash that every sense is in play in that moment: the taste of the rain, the feel of the cold water, the sizzling sound as the drops hit the ground, and the sight of it all.

Footprints in the mud
In a flash they are running, jumping and laughing. "Catch us, we are gingerbread girls!" I become the crafty fox trying to nibble them or convince them to climb on my back. I watch their hair get wet, their shirts soak up the rain, and the bare feet pat through the water. My mother always said "You don't get sick from the cold, you get sick from germs." Oh, please be right mom! Please, because if we all wake up sick, I'm going to feel like a huge jerk.

A patch of mud is discovered underfoot. "Oh mud! It's so squishy, and gooshy!" says Miss Barefoot, pushing her toes into the muck. "Mud is base!" she announces and calls her sister over to enjoy the squishing. They alternate stomping in the mud and running. Finally, I decide we should go inside while this is still really fun.

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  1. I like the idea of quitting while things are still fun! Good advice.