Monday, January 28, 2013

Sharks and Minnows with Daddy

January 27

"Daddy is home! Daddy is home!" My husband walks in the door from a business trip looking worn from the long drive but so so happy to be home. "Where's my hug?" he asks and they squeeze him tight tight tight. He heads upstairs to change and we decide it is time to go outside. He joins us in the front yard ready to play. "You and Daddy are Sharks and we are Minnows" suggests my six year old. My little one's eyes get big. "OK here we go," says my husband putting his flat hand above his forehead as a fin. "Dun, Dun . . . Dun, Dun!"

They are off running squealing, pretending to swim, getting close and rushing away. My six year old sets up many bases, as usual, so as to never really be in danger of being caught. Her favorite position is near a base where she quietly says, "I'm not touching, I'm not touching. . ." As we come close she touches the tree with one fingertip or the toe of her boot. "Touch me, then you're safe too," she instructs her little sister. I am touched by this offer and quietly smile at their little affections.

My husband and I stop chasing and stand hugging watching our little minnows.

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