Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dancing in the rain

January 16

We pull into the driveway and I suggest we play for a bit before going inside. "No!" says my tired first grader. It is Wednesday and the week is feeling very long. "What if we play with our umbrellas and dance?" I suggest. That gets a smile and we rush out of the car and unfurl our umbrellas. It is sprinkling and my little one sticks out her tongue to catch some drops. "It tickles!" she squeals. My lovely first grader is sashaying around the driveway with her umbrella spinning around her. I try not to stare since she now sometimes stops herself from these moments of abandon when she sees me watching. Not often, thank goodness. Plenty of times I am still called on to witness her feats of agility, strength or silliness. "Look Mamma!" are two of my favorite words. But today she is tired and I know her mood can shift in a moment. I decide we need some music and  search for Singing in the Rain on my phone. Something else comes on and the girls go wild. "This is the stage!" shouts my little one and she swirls faster. There are curtsies and bows followed by much prancing. The music slows and they sway in time. I join them with my umbrella and envision what we look like from above. Three twirling umbrellas bobbing around the pavement.

A gust of wind blows one of the umbrellas inside out. "Look, a flower! It's drinking the rain." says my first grader. "Wait, it's a hexagon," she continues counting the sides. I'm going to have to remember to give her teacher a big hug. A new song comes on and the dancing recommences  Can it really be this simple? Leave the garage open, twirl an umbrella, listen to a tune. . .

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