Saturday, February 23, 2013

New Growth

February 23

Spring is an amazing time. It is my favorite season. Today we are playing in the driveway with our now habitual trike, bike and chasing games when I notice this bright green cluster of leaves. It looks like a firework of newness. The color alone takes my breath away. But here's the thing about spring, this new growth has appeared and it is still cold, rainy and quite wintry feeling.

It is the promise that I love, the starting over, the pushing and swelling. The restarting of the life cycle all around us. I see tiny buds on the blueberry bushes. Little bumps on another tree that will soon enough burst into little leaves. And around the corner there are three trees that have burst into bright pink blooms already. It is coming, even on this cold dreary day we can see that spring is on the way.

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