Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ready to plant?

March 20

Ever look at the bowl of onions on your counter and see this? I guess this one is going into the ground. First we will keep it in a little water in a jar an watch the roots sprout. Our potato experiment is going well, the one with the artificial light still not growing. The potato in the dark is sending up sci-fi looking feelers searching for light. The one in the natural light has nice roots on the bottom and little green shoots on the top. It is fun to watch things grow.

I've been trying to get some more seeds started inside and some plants in the garden but the days have been full. Today we played on the deck with clay, mixed chalk/dirt soup in the water table and had a nice long time at the playground. It may hail or even snow in a couple of days. Maybe I'll wait on planting more outside.

The white blossoms on the tree in front of my house are in their full glory. Today I saw the first green leaves appear. I remember now to enjoy the pure flower explosion for the few days it is there. The neighboring trees are unfurling dark red leaves that look like dots from a burgundy crayon.

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