Friday, March 22, 2013

Your Tree

March 21

I am spending a lot of time looking at these white flowers this year. For the record it is a Bradford Pear tree. No pears but lots of nice flowers. The blossoms fill the windows of my little ones room. She is the last one to arrive in our family and for years her room sat empty. Well not exactly empty but lets say unfurnished and filled with the overflow of our busy lives. We didn't know if she'd arrive and when so we didn't want to decide what the room was for. But secretly it is my favorite room in the house. It is painted a soft bluish green and sits high in the front of the house looking right out at my pear tree. It is quiet in her room and it feels a little apart from the bustle of the rest of the house.

Today we jog outside for a bit to visit the garden. It is bitter cold and windy. They are predicting freezing rain for tomorrow. We walk delicately around the clumps of daffodils now blooming triumphantly We say hello to our Peter Rabbit statue checking to make sure his carrots are still safely stuffed in the pocket of his blue jacket. We look up at the house and I point to a window. "Do you know whose room that is?" I ask. My little one turns her head like a puppy and stares intently. She sees the felt flowers propped on the windowsill and I can see her thinking hard. "Do you think that's your room?" I add. She nods slowly and looks at me wide eyed. "Look at your tree, it is so full of blossoms today." She tips her head up and takes in the billows of white blossoms.

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