Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Today is the day: blossoms!

March 12

I have never noted the exact day that the tree in front of my house bloomed. I love the tree with its downy white flowers that grace my windows for about a week each Spring. In the years I have lived in this house I've taken note in passing but  never really paid attention. This year is different. I am under the tree this morning in the bright sun. Yesterday it rained and the day before the buds were still closed tight. When we look up at our tree and see the buds burst open I know that today is the day, the first day of the blooming! Some buds are still closed but most of the tree is covered in white petals. In a few weeks these petals will float down with the breeze and if we are lucky we will be showered with them as we were one year.

But wait there is more: the blueberry bushes on my deck bloomed this morning too! I have never seen these delicate blossoms up close. I just missed them in years past. Look at the incredible beauty of these tiny little trumpets. I had no idea that blueberry flowers are pink! "Do you mean those flowers are going to turn into blue berries?" intones my first grader. I nod and we both smile. In past years we have picked a few berries before the squirrels and birds harvested most of them, but we just weren't paying attention closely enough to see the blossoms. . . on the first day! Welcome little beauties!

I need some good news since my favorite purple flower from a few days ago is not looking so good after the hard rain yesterday. I feel even more grateful to have witnessed its full glory.

We spent a long evening outside helped by the time change. I brought dinner out to the bench and our girls ate with their skates on.

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